Employee Benefits

An effective employee benefits package is an integral part of any organization’s effort to attract and retain the best employees.

Ohlert-Ruggiere, sickness Inc. collaborates with industry leaders to offer a flexible range of retirement products, symptoms group life, viagra dosage group health, and group disability products to help businesses keep their employees covered and content.

Our vast product offerings enable organizations of all sizes to offer employee benefits that will be attractive to employees. Let us tailor a set of benefits that will help make you an employer of choice. We look forward to helping provide you with the best choices in medical, dental, vision, 401k, group health, & group life/disability coverage. We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of self-directed plans that give your employees unparalleled control over their benefit plans.

Group Health Insurance

Without a doubt, medical coverage is a crucial element to an effective employee benefits package. Now, more than ever, having extensive knowledge of the industry and being able to navigate the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act are crucial. Ohlert-Ruggiere, Inc. offers group medical coverage options from carriers that people know and trust. Whether your company is a business of five or two thousand employees, we are here to give you the guidance you need.

Dental & Vision

Dental and Vision

Employees want more than just medical coverage. Comprehensive benefits are crucial to recruiting and retaining the best employees. Dental and vision care are always attractive benefits.

Ohlert-Ruggiere, Inc. can offer packages that include:
  • An extensive range of flexible dental coverage from the finest carriers
  • Vision programs to complement HMO and PPO plans
  • A choice of cash deductibles, calendar-year benefit maximums, and coinsurance amounts
  • Options that allow for enriched benefits and cost savings
  • Extensive national Preferred Provider Network
  • Automated claim system that promotes fast, accurate claims adjudication and payment

Group Life and Disability

Employers are aware of the importance of employee benefits and their contribution to a company’s success. Just as individuals need to evaluate their own individual coverage, you as the employer should evaluate your group life and disability coverage on a regular basis.

Ohlert-Ruggiere, Inc. is here to help by offering:
  • Term life insurance
  • Business travel accident insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Group universal life insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term care and disability insurance

401K Plans

In association with our partners, Ohlert-Ruggiere, Inc. offers 401K products so employers can take care of their employees’ financial future as well. Employers can provide employees with 401k plans that are easy to understand, affordable, and employee controlled.

Many plans include:
  • On-line investment management
  • Loans and hardship withdrawals
  • Investment option that can be changed daily
  • 24-hour phone access for account information
  • Easy access to contribution level changes